Alain Bouville, born in Versailles on December 31, 1953, studied architecture before turning his attention to world problems and devoting himself to a more practical approach to development.

He was involved in this field from 1975 to 1998 in a non profit organisation, in various positions through missions or as a representative, from the West Indies to the Indian Ocean but mostly in Sub Saharan Africa.

He then chose to settle in Quercy-Perigord and devoted himself to the protection of the environment in a different way.

Trying to give people a deeper understanding, he decided to paint on wood in a simple, strong, universal and timeless language.

In order not to interfere between the spectator and the treated subject, he avoids all stylistic effects, preferring to entrust the history-laden and imperfection-rich backing, to bring necessary vibrancy... as if his only aim was helping nature to carry us away into the power of memory and communion.

"I have been working on wood : walnut, chestnut, poplar and douglas pine. On boards or old, often noble, furniture components, for which I have searched or which have been donated to me. I closely examine, then prepare the wood by brushing and using various treatments. With turpentine on a paintbrush, I spread oil pigments on them : brown, black or white, always respecting what the wood dictate. I draw faithful inspiration from my own photos, those kindly donated to me or those given to me as part of a commissioned portrait. And I intend to keep my little secrets, to protect this technique which is my own and to add some more mystery to Africa, nature, life".